#1 Conditions on investing in real estate - Immigration in Latvia for real estate investors by BalticLegal 04.03.2023 04:25

Conditions on investing in real estate:

the total amount of transaction (involving one or several real estates) must be at least EUR 250 000 Latvia wide;
with the official cadastral value at least EUR 80 000;
state fee of 5% from the real estate value must be paid to the government upon receiving the residency permit;
only a bank transfer may be used for purchasing a real estate;
the foreigner does not have and has never had any real estate tax debts in Latvia;
the transaction is concluded after 1 September 2014;
real estate acquired from a legal person registered in the Republic of Latvia or a natural person who is a Latvian citizen, Latvian non-citizen, citizen of the European Union;
a residence permit is issued after registering the ownership in the Land Register.

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