#1 Taxes in Estonia by BalticLegal 21.12.2022 00:57

The Baltic Sea region is the fastest growing economic region in Europe. The flow of trade between the states of this region is steadily increasing from year to year. The tax system of Estonia is considered to be one of the most liberal tax systems in the world. In 2000, Estonia implemented a comprehensive tax reform with the aim of creating a tax system that was as simple, understandable and convenient as possible. The main advantage of Estonia is the low-tax system, which can be described as a simple system with no hidden surprises and which was essentially set up to encourage business and increase profits.

The tax system of Estonia includes state taxes set by tax legislation and local taxes levied by local governments or city councils in respective areas according to laws and regulations.

The state taxes are the following:

The state taxes are the following:

excise duty;
income taxes;
gambling tax;
value added tax;
land tax;
social tax;
customs tariffs;
heavy goods vehicle tax.

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